From idea to book, message to movement and concept to your next killer venture, We Put Creativity and Influence to Work for you.

We tap into human interest networks and build powerful conversations, magnetic experiences and moving stories for Creative Artists, Intriguing Authors, Passionate Educators, Successful Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators.

Our vision: To help our client-partners win big with the media, wow audiences and expand their reach in a landscape of possibilities.

Influence Works. Change things for the better.TM



Set Big Goals


Ideate the Experience


Strategize the Way to Win


Plan the Journey and Build the Tribe


Execute the Engagement: Create, Test, Iterate and Refine


Measure Our Success and Model What Works


Advise, Coach, Consult and Educate Clients Throughout the Process



We Create A Great Experience.

Successful Experience. Moving Experience. Learning Experience. Your experience with us is hugely important. Our experience with you, equally so. We leverage years of proven expertise to help you build your message, and share your vision and perspective in compelling ways across channels. This creates an experience for the public, producers and journalists in the media world. Whether it’s supporting your business or creative project, our process begins with setting big goals, stellar ideation and a thoughtful analysis of the players, communities and possibilities. Because your goals matter to us greatly. And our creative strategy drives significant success stories. This is a big deal for you, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t make it epic.

Driven by a Plan that Works.

Your vision is great, and our influence plan must be even better. To make this happen, we believe in radical transparency and a deliberate focus to get you where you need to go. Our process hones in on your goals, and together our team works hard on strategy and planning. From there we hustle like our livelihoods depend on it. Our dedicated approach allows us to execute aggressively, adjust and iterate as needs arise, and steadily measure our progress. We connect our progress back to your goals, and we look at ways to improve at each and every step of the process. For optimal results, we work as a consultancy with access to world-class partners, such as leading marketers and well-known creative designers and innovators. Contact us to learn more about the power of our team.

And a Sensible Timetable.

We believe in a deliberate, measured approach to success. And we’ve found that the most successful projects require time, testing, and refinements, and a focus on the long tail. Making a positive, sustainable impact matters more to us than generating a short-term, one-and-done pop for any one client. So our project collaborations are more commonly multi-month marathons rather than sprints. We prefer to build something that endures, and throughout our engagement process, we proactively advise, coach and consult clients to educate them and provide a clear path to growth. This helps our clients understand the strategy and mechanics involved. Our intention is to make the impossible possible, match our clients’ vision with the wants and needs of the market, and share a little magic along the way.

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“Influence is about owning the conversation, winning hearts and minds, and making great things happen.”
Jonas Koffler, Influence Works Founder 



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